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Vacation Knitting FRENZY!!!

I just returned home from vacation at Holden Beach, NC with my family. I must say I went into a knitting frenzy this year...knitting much more than I ever had before...To date, this is what I pulled out of my bag of projects from vacation....
  • approx...120 NONI bobbles for purses
  • 12 NONI icord vines
  • 38 vine leaves
  • 90 NONI spider chrysanthemum flower parts
  • 8 rowan big wool bracelet purse bags
  • 4 felted purse handbags using wool with FARFALLA--my new favorite felting accent yarn--it has delicous little pompoms within the fiber!

Now is the fun part....finishing it all:)

There must have been something in the water there because my daughter was also knitting up a storm! She finished several projects. One of the projects is an adorable felted turtle...the flippers and head remain...I can't believe my 11 year old can knit with double pointed needles....Let's just say they aren't my favorite thing to use--I'm no fan of socks if you know what I mean:)

While we stopped 3 times at the only knitting store in south-eastern North Carolina, Angelwing in Southport we also discovered a new knitting shop!!!! It is just inside North Myrtle Beach--Knitting Up A Storm! It was wonderful to have a second shop to visit!

Oh well, back to the real world...gotta go pick up the stix! Heather


Anonymous lynchem said...

Hi Heather. Great to see your new blog! I'll be stopping by regularly!

10:25 AM, August 15, 2006


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