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A Farfalla Junkie

Yes, I have become a Farfalla Junkie...At a tiny little shop in Southport, North Carolina I came across this little pom pom like yarn that felts...I love to knit with it with one strand of regular wool yarn and it felts really, really cool....The pom poms stay puffy....

Here I mixed farfalla with a strand of yellow Cascade 220 to make a stripe in the middle of the red and green....

I mixed one strand of blue cascade 220 with blue farfalla to make a stripe in between the pinks!

I mixed orange farfalla with one strand of orange cascade 220 to make this striped purse...

Last but not least.....I made this entire purse using 3 skeins of farfalla and two skeins of cascade 220....I LOVE how this turned out. It is a miniature style basket purse with the handles knit directly into the purse.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fabulous purses!!!! I'm inspired!

9:32 AM, August 31, 2006


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